10 amazing facts I didn’t know about crochet

10 amazingfacts about crochet… until I started crocheting

Below is a list of very surprising facts about crochet I have found out  over the years. If you are a crochet beginner you should read this! If you are a seasoned crocheter, please comment if there is anything else you have found out about crochet that surprised you!

10. crocheting is a fairly recent needle craft

William-Adolphe Bourguereau (1825-1905), Jeune fille au crochet.

Although there are a few very old crocheted artifacts, the technique was not common in Europe until the 1800s. One interesting theory I’ve come across is that crocheting uses more fiber than knitting and fiber was hard to produce until the invention of the spinning Jenny in 1764. Read more about the history of crochet and the controversy about it’s origins here !

9. crochet interest is booming!

According to google analytics, interest in crochet has officially beat interest in knitting with the numbers still rising. Starting in 2011 crochet related searches have consistently surpassed knitting related inquiries and the trend looks like it will stick. Read more about this here!


8. there are recognized crochet artists

Hand crocheted Playground by Toshiko Horiuchi #fiber #kids:
Playscape by Toshiko MacAdam

As a true testament to the versatility of this craft you can find fine artists who have used crochet as their technique of choice. One of my favorites are Shauna Richardson who has patented her style as crochetdermy’ and Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam who crochets jaw dropping ‘playscapes’ in Canada and Japan. Search for more ‘crochet as art’, you will be amazed!

7. Crocheting has it’s own language

I really had no clue about this fact crochet fact and was a little taken aback when I expected instructions but opened up a book of patterns full of abbreviations and charts.  If you are new to crochet I would advise you to learn how to read crochet patterns as quickly as possible so you can really take advantage of the wealth of wonderful patterns out there!

Image titled Read Crochet Patterns Step 6

6. Love for crochet will inevitably lead to a serious yarn shopping habit

Twinkie Chan's Craft Room · Craft Room Tours · Cut Out + Keep:
Twinkie Can’s craft room / cut out and keep

When delving deeper into the online crochet community there are many references to this phenomenon. I am a minimalist and generally turned off by consuming more than necessary, so this completely caught me off guard. There is a joke about how crochet hooks should come with a warning ‘Caution, use of these may cause yarn addiction!’. I feel like I have it under control by now, mainly because I have an entire closet full of yarn – in needlecraft circles this is known as a stash – and I am out of room. So, be prepared, there never is ‘just one skein’ of yarn. The good news about this is is number five on this list, though:

5. Crocheting is cheap

This hobby is one of the cheapest to get into. The regular metal hooks are usually around 2.00 USD each and yarn from the craft or big box store can be picked up for under 5.00 USD. These two items are all you need to get started on a hat or a scarf or a simple doll. Once you realize that crocheting is for you, there are always better quality hooks and fancy yarn that you can spend more money on but even the best of the best materials are still very inexpensive compared to many other hobbies. Check out a hook guide here to get you started!

4. Crocheting can turn ‘down time’ into ‘productive time’


As a culture, we watch way too much tv. While relaxing, this is usually a complete waste of time unless you are watching something educational or it is quality family time when everyone is too tired to do anything else. If you are a crocheter, though, there is no more wasted time. I have completed most of my projects in front of the tv and it has given me a sense of accomplishment every time. Now you can have something to show for binge watching Netflix and you don’t have to feel like a sleuth AT ALL!

3. Crocheting will lead to more crocheting

This does not happen to everyone who begins crocheting but  for most crafters who continue to pursue this hobby it turns into a giant passion. There is a reason why there are so many ‘hooked on crochet’ jokes and merchandise. A certain obsession with this craft is very common and something I don’t witness in the same intensity with many other hobbies. I had never experienced this obsession before with anything else I enjoy doing. I believe the reason behind this widespread Crocheting Compulsion is number one on this list.

2. Crocheting is healthy


This is true for knitting as well. Needlecrafts improve your overall health by significantly reducing your stress level and lowering your blood pressure. They also improve circulation to your hands and keep you limber.  Using both of your hands in different ways simultaneously stimulates both of your brain hemispheres, thus giving your brain a workout not many other activities do. Read more abou this subject here and here.

1. Crochet makes you happy!

I had no clue about this when I first picked up a hook.  By now the benefits needlecrafts can bring to your emotional well being are well documented and a fascinating subject to find out more about. There are many reasons why an increase in happiness is reported from so many crocheters around the world and this blog is actually dedicated to exploring this fact. In short, positive psychology has named 10 distinct positive emotions and you can experience most of them while being involved in this hobby. Find out more about this exciting fact and how easy it is to boost your happiness level here!

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