5 Reasons why all patterns can’t be free




5 reasons why all crochet patterns can’t be free

I have read about this topic time and time again and there seem to be a lot of people upset about paid patterns. After opening our pattern shop I feel like I should explain to those who don’t understand why all patterns can’t be free.

1: Recrochetability

This is our Unicorn (as in the superamazingcrazyawesome). When Lisi invented him we knew from the start that we would want to make him with recrochetability in mind. Therefore she sat and wrote and counted and undid and started everything over again. Normally when I want to invent something I come up with an idea and just go for it until it looks like just right. When a designer sets out to write a pattern it doesn’t just have to look right, it also has to make sense! One increase here or there will get very confusing, especially to the crochet novice!

2: Documentation

Tell me if this has happened to you before. You make up a perfect mitten, or sock, or leg to a bunny and run out of time to immediately complete the pair. Your thought process is somewhere along the lines of, “Of course I’ll remember! How could I no?!” and then you don’t… If you want to make more of a kind you have to take the time and write it down. If you want other people to recreate your project, you have to write down every  little detail while you make it.

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3: Pictures

This one is especially important! The better patterns will have lots of pictures. There are a few tricks you use all the time and don’t even think twice about, but you did have to learn them at some point. Crochet novices may not know how to properly color change or where the first stitch goes, etc… That’s why pictures are absolutely necessary for a well written pattern. My biggest problem with this point is the time I usually have to crochet (middle of the night when no one needs anything or can mess up my yarn) is NOT the time when I can take good progress pictures. My baby only naps in the car, so I spend many hours in the car, sitting in my driveway with my project and a camera. My neighbors think I’m nuts!

4: Quality

Not to say that free patterns are not great, but designers will usually want to come out with a perfect product if they are going to charge for it. Our field is filled with lovely people (as Tara from Mamachee patterns says: “People who crochet are really the best kind of people!”) and lots of free patterns are beautiful, but when a designer charges they usually go through an extensive editing process. They will make absolutely sure that the product is perfect.

5: Time

You buy a pattern and it will have maybe five pages, or ten and it does not look like it would be too much work to make but the patterns are tested and retested and checked and rechecked.. This process can take months! There are pattern testers involved and it takes many, many rough drafts until the pattern is complete. Like I mentioned above, to be sure all the kinks are out the editing process is extensive! All of this takes a lot of time and a lot of work. It’s great to share, but it is also great to value peoples hard work! The crochet world would be very limited if designers couldn’t get supported!



Do you have any paid patterns out there? Or do you think all patterns should be free? Leave a comment!







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