Hi, and thanks for stopping by! I am Andrea, the writer and crocheter behind Crochet Therapy.  I started this blog after realizing how much crocheting helped me to get and stay happy. My first time crocheting was in Elementary school. I remember planning to make the worlds largest Afghan at Seven. It took me a while to realize you needed A LOT of yarn for this so my plans kind of fell through. I did always keep this craft close to my heart, though, and when I had kids I crocheted them Afghans (maybe NOT the largest :))

A few years ago crocheting became more than just a hobby. With projects and yarn all over the house I realized I needed a place to share and connect to like minded, crafty people. That’s when I started Crochet Therapy. This blog is my happy place. I hope you enjoy it too! Look around a bit and be sure to check out the articles on Crochet and Happiness when you get the chance!

I hope to see you again soon! Until then let’s connect: on facebook on instagram on pinterest and be sure to subscribe to Crochet Therapy’s post updates to get the latest posts delivered to your inbox below!

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