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Lovely Crochet Slouch

crochet hat for valentines day, free patternLove, one of the easiest and most complicated positive emotions. Please read this post to learn about the “Positive Psychology and crochet” link and find out more about why our favorite hobby makes us so happy. This year I want to write patterns with happiness in mind. When I set out to make a hat for this season it was COLD! My mind immediately went to creature comforts. The free crochet slouch pattern has a double brim that I made to keep my loved ones nice and toasty. I am a mother of two and it makes me very happy to know my kids are comfortable and warm. Lion Brand’s Wool Ease seemed perfect for my mission to create a snugly slouch as the animal fibers will retain heat better than solely acrylic yarn.

The free crochet slouch pattern is for adults and teens below. If you’d like to find the printable PDF in sizes Baby through adult go to my Etsy shop here or my Ravelry store here!

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crochet ribbed brim tutorial

crochet ribbed brim tutorial

When I first discovered the ribbing stitch it felt like a revelation. I love to crochet but sometimes my pieces (especially my hats) had serious knit – envy. Once I incorporated the ribbing stitch I feel like we can easily keep up. The weather finally got cooler here and I wanted to design something extra warm. Keep reading for the crochet ribbed brim tutorial. Starting your hat with this will keep your ears nice and toasty! I used Lion Brand’s Wool Ease for my newest hat design and the wool content really adds to the warmth as well. Even though the hat is not for him, I think you can see that my little man approves 🙂 Continue Reading

Teatime Textured Cowl

caron cake free crochet pattern cowlWouldn’t it be wonderful if your favorite past time was actually good for you? Research suggests that crocheting and other needle crafts are just that – good for your health. Your physical health and your mental health can improve just by working with your hooks. This year my pattern focus will be on feel good projects. The Teatime textured chunky crochet cowl is designed with happiness in mind. Read more about the healing powers of crochet on this site!

This crochet cowl pattern was one for all senses. I bought the Caron Tea cake Yarn for it’s squishiness, used my wooden bamboo hook for an organic, earthy feel and made a bumpy variation of the half double crochet stitch for texture.

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Simple Crochet Cable Beanie

free crochet cable hat patternThe pattern for this simple crochet cable beanie has been floating around my hook and computer for almost a year now. When Lion Brand’s Heartland Yarn joined the mix, I couldn’t wait any longer to share the free pattern here. If you are new to crocheting cables, check out this post for a photo tutorial. The pattern below is adult medium woman’s size. Hint: make this without the pompom and get a classic cable beanie for men

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Free crochet pattern Striped Hat

black and white crochetI set out to make a striped hat but somehow it did not dawn on me that my stripes would turn out vertical until I started 🙂 . How fun is the vertical illusion that the moss stitch brings to this project? You will work this striped crochet hat from brim to crown. The pattern is really very easy and would be fun in any colors. This is one of those stitches that can work for super chunky yarn and sport weight alike. It always creates a cohesive, almost knit look fabric and I definitely will use it again for a hat.

Follow the free crochet pattern for a medium (woman’s) size here or go to my Etsy or Ravelry shop and find the ad free, printable PDF ($2.50). The printable version comes in five sizes, toddler through adult large! My Etsy shop , My Ravelry store

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Straight crochet edge tutorial

crochet hack

When I first started to crochet regularly I made Afghans. Simple double crochet Afghans. I was excited about the colors, I could tell I was improving my stitch quality over time but one thing always left me puzzled. My edges were messy! They were wobbly or holey and not appealing at all. The same happened with my scarves and all other double crochet (even half double crochet) projects. After a lot of trial and error and some research I found Tara Murray’s Crochet Hack. (If you don’t know her, you need to look at her amazing patterns here!) This is a game changer! The simple trick cleans up your edges and even make it easier for you to crochet a border around double crochet projects. Below is the straight crochet edge tutorial. Use this tutorial to learn the fake double crochet decrease stitch and love your edges.

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Free Crochet Lobster Hat Pattern

This free crochet Lobster Hat pattern is sure to be a hit at Halloween. My little guy actually just wears it for pretend play all the time as well. It’s a beginner pattern and you’ll learn a few amigurumi tricks along the way. The hat works really well as a cut crustacean photo prop. I’ve written the animal hat pattern in five sizes – from Newborn to child. You can use your favorite crochet hat and just skip down to the Lobster bits or you can follow the simple double crochet hat pattern with a ribbed brim that’s included. (Always handy to have when you need to whip up a speedy hat!) This pattern is free to use on my site or you can purchase a printable Pdf version from my Ravelry store HERE

Keep reading for the free crochet animal hat pattern!

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Seamless Double Crochet Join

Ever wondered how to get rid of that clumsy seam when you make a hat with double crochet stitches? When I first started making hats this was my number one problem. I was proud as can be when I had finished the hat, until the person turned around! Maybe I am a bit OCD (okay, maybe a lot OCD) when it comes to crochet but a badly noticeable seam will ruin my work for me. I want to show you how to make a seamless crochet join.

Keep reading for a step by step tutorial on how to make a seamless Double Crochet hat!

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Hurricane post

Hi guys!

I really appreciate you checking out crochettherapy.  It means a lot to me to have so many readers and I am happy every day to be in the midst of all my fellow crocheters!

Our family had to evacuate due to Hurricane Irma and I am writing this post because there is a good possibility that I wont have power or internet until the end of September.

I will try to check in when I get the chance. I have already heard that our house is in good shape without major damage.  We are lucky and I really wish everyone affected by the recent natural disasters all the best.  Going through something like this can be so scary but when I witnessed how we all pulled together,  no matter our backgrounds or beliefs ,  I feel there is hope for humanity yet!

Good luck to everyone and I am truly happy to be part of this loving community of crafters 💙