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Crochet scarf: simple free V stitch pattern

crochet v stitch scarf

After a few personal and global tragedies I have finally found one thing that brightens up this grim November. The temperature has dropped enough for me to wear scarves in this subtropical climate. I know it’s simple, but it is these simple moments of joy throughout our day that have been proven to lead to long term happiness (read more about crochet and happiness here !) I want to share my current favorite free crochet v stitch scarf pattern on the blog today.

Are you interested in receiving a free pdf copy of this pattern + a straight edge tutorial? Simply sign up on the sidebar or below this post.

Keep reading for the super easy crochet  v stitch scarf pattern!

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Crochet triangle scarf: free pattern

Make a speedy crochet triangle scarf woth your own yarn cake!Speedy Crochet triangle scarf

Do you sometimes need a project you can get done in an evening too? It really plays into the happiness boosting nature of this craft that you can have a visible, touchable result of your labor and sometimes I need this happiness fix fast! This free crochet triangle scarf pattern is super easy and is sure to make you smile quickly!

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Crochet Super Scarf Pattern

crochet super scarf

Crochet Super Scarf:  free pattern

I have always loved long, over sized scarves so this ‘wear a blanket around your neck’ trend is making me very happy. Unfortunately I live in Florida so when I set out to make my own crochet super scarf pattern I knew I had to cut down on the bulk a little and make it somewhat lacy. I came up with a simple shell stitch scarf pattern that will let me and others from a warmer climate, participate in this trend but not get heat stroke in December 🙂

crochet super scarf free pattern

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Make your own yarn cake

make your own yarn cake

Yarn cakes seem to be everywhere you look lately! The  most popular ones are exclusively sold at Michael’s stores and since I do not have one near me I decided to go ahead and make my own. In case you are almost ready to get into the Holiday spirit (like me!) classic Christmas colors will do nicely.

diy yarn cake

Now I want to show you how you too can make your own yarn cake.  I have been looking for a way to  creatively use my scrap yarn and I just received this amazing Stanwood yarn ball winder. Even if you don’t own one, there are lots of awesome homemade yarn ball winders out there in case you are feeling extra crafty. Check out this pretty example or this homemade yarn ball winder for duct tape fans!

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Crocheting for Charity

Do you know the feeling you get when you are truly grateful? The way gratitude can open your heart and make you connect with someone? Or the way unconditional giving can make you just as happy as the person you are giving to? In the spirit of the season I want to explore another distinct positive emotion and how crocheting for charity can be a tool to achieve and practice it.

Crocheting for Charity

Keep reading to learn more about crochet related charities and how you can help!

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Unexpected Celebrity Crocheters

famous people who crochetFamous People who crochet

I found a delightful article about a famous singer who crochets over the weekend. In the article she explained that crochet made her calm down after a long day and helped her sleep better. This made me curious. Are there other unexpected celebrity crocheters? After some research I found there are quite a few famous people who crochet.

Keep reading for a list of unexpected Celebrity Crocheters!

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Painted crochet Bowls

Free Crochet Bowls Pattern


I just love the look of painted bowls made out of wood or ceramic. After seeing them in magazines and in stores my mind immediately went to yarn (of course!) and I just had to come up with a crochet version. It took some tweaking to get the shape right but now the free crochet bowl pattern is now ready to be shared.

You can use these crochet bowls for earrings, rings and other nick knacks around the house. The quick and easy crochet project is also perfect for a last minute hostess gift or a very inexpensive bathroom spruce up.

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The Best Crochet Hook Review

hookyarn2Everything you need to know about Crochet Hooks

Having the right tools when you start to get more serious about a craft can  be essential. The good news is that, compared with many other hobbies, crochet will give you good results with a comparatively low initial investment. I restarted as an adult with a hook my Mother in Law gave to me. It was a 4.25 mm (US G) hook passed down from her Aunt. I used it for 3 huge striped blankets (they turned out VERY thick – I had no idea about hook sizes and yarn..) 2 bags and all my beginning Amigurumis. I used it until the metal started rubbing off and turned my fingers gray. That’s when I knew I had to start branching out. There are a lot of choices out there and I want to share some of my experiences with you!

Plastic Crochet Hook Review

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Handy Dandy Amigurumi links

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

When I first started out crocheting three dimensional objects, I was pretty stubborn and thought I could just figure out how to shape them on my own. The end result was not only sad looking, but it also cost me weeks of my life doing and redoing the darn thing. It was supposed to be a crochetdermy Dr. Seuss type animal head, but it was so ugly and misshaped that it never made it onto any wall…

Later on, I conceded and started looking around the Internet, only to find out that there are a lot of crazy talented and generous crocheters out there, and that it really does not hurt to take advice and maybe follow a pattern that someone with a lot more experience has written before me.

Here are some of the most useful links for amigurumi beginners

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Five Reasons why Crochet is good for your Brain





Scientists at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota have conducted a study on knitters and crocheters and have found that these hobbies lower their risk of developing dementia by 40 percent. That’s quite significant!


If you have a hobby where you repeat certain tasks over a longer period of time you are likely to reach a point of complete relaxation, comparable to the effects of yoga or meditation.This, my friends, is not only good for your brain, but also great for your heartheart1


Repetition is also key in this benefit. Relevant, repetitive tasks that you practice often, like crocheting, are important for forming synapses, thus improving your ability to learn new things.


Crocheting demands attention from both of your brains hemispheres. Much like the job description of a managerial position, you need creative ideas and quick problem solving skills when you are working on a project. Have you ever seen the look on non crocheters faces when they try to figure out a pattern? It takes imagination and logic to follow these complicated instructions! hookyarn1


The feeling of accomplishment when you hold a finished project in your hands is like eating candy without the calories. The reward center of your brain gets stimulated when you have completed a creative project. This will shower you with endorphins and have a positive effect on your self confidence and your mood. Studies have been done with eating disorder patients who crochet or knit and not only did it reduce their anxiety, more than half talked about an improved feeling of self worth!


I can tell you from first hand experience about crochet reducing anxiety and the benefits of feeling like you have accomplished something!

Our grandparents knew it. Making something with your own two hands is a key factor for happiness. It’s time we remember and value this!!