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5 Reasons why all patterns can’t be free




5 reasons why all crochet patterns can’t be free

I have read about this topic time and time again and there seem to be a lot of people upset about paid patterns. After opening our pattern shop I feel like I should explain to those who don’t understand why all patterns can’t be free.

1: Recrochetability

This is our Unicorn (as in the superamazingcrazyawesome). When Lisi invented him we knew from the start that we would want to make him with recrochetability in mind. Therefore she sat and wrote and counted and undid and started everything over again. Normally when I want to invent something I come up with an idea and just go for it until it looks like just right. When a designer sets out to write a pattern it doesn’t just have to look right, it also has to make sense! One increase here or there will get very confusing, especially to the crochet novice!

2: Documentation

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Waldorf Rainbow Nesting Bowls


Crochet Rainbow Nesting Bowls Toy

In honor of my beautiful April 2015 Rainbow Baby Boy I have decided to stray from my usual color choices (scary stuff!) and go a little crazy. These colorful Waldorf bowls are designed to promote spatial awareness. Little ones are attracted to their bright colors and will stack and nest them for hours!

Free crochet waldorf toy pattern

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This is the cutest Pattern!

Free Crochet Apple Hat pattern review

I love designing my own crochet patterns, but while I was looking for inspirations for a teachers baby shower gift and stumbled across the apple hat pattern by the crazy talented Salena Baca it was too cute to pass up! I found the pattern on Ravelry, which I absolutely recommend joining! There are so many great crochet and knit patterns, a lot of them free and I love how you can see one pattern made by different people.

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Yarn Crawl anyone?

Why you should invest in quality yarn

Where do you buy your yarn? I have to confess that I started out as a cheapskate and only bought the acrylic stuff. Now that I am becoming more and more aware of the big variety of beautiful yarn out there that you can only buy in independent yarn stores, I am (as they say) hooked. I still prefer cotton yarn for my amigurumis, but if you make wearable crochet pieces, it really pays off to use a higher quality yarn! The finished product will be that much more beautiful. Think of it like a gourmet meal. The best recipes start out with high quality ingredients. After all, you are putting all this time and effort into your work, you will want the end result to be as beautiful as possible!

Here are some pictures of the great rhody yarn crawl for your yarnstore inspiration!

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Crochet Duck Part II

Notes on Crochet Design

Sometimes I have a very clear image of what it is I want to design in my head and then I go for it and the finished project comes out exactly like I imagined it would. In the case of the duck it certainly did NOT happen that way. When I started shaping the head he seemed to take on a personality of his own and I had no choice, but to go along and see who would come through. Well, let me introduce him.

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Crochet Cupcakes

2013-10-24 10.05.06

I literally made hundreds of these little cupcakes last year! I sold them at a café and people special ordered them by the dozen. They are so much fun to make and I always love a project you can finish in an hour. Don’t get me wrong, I have several Afghans waiting for me in my “unfinished drawer” and it is extremely rewarding when you complete a long time project, but there is nothing like filling up a box of these sweet things within a few days. They are a lot of fun to make, but ultimately the time and effort you put in is more like a labor of love than anything you could support your family with 😉

I think I will make a bunch for my family this Christmas, though because they make sweet ornaments and doesn’t a crochet filled Christmas tree sound super?

Crochet Cupcakes