Creative Friday!

Creative Friday1

While I love the end result of a huge project, I am always partial to these little, quick, stash busting creations you can finish in one evening. How about you?

There’s nothing like creating something useful or cute in one evening to cheer yourself up! My life is a whirlwind of craziness at the moment, but last night I made this:

cell phone case


It meant a few hours of concentration and crochet joy in the midst of unsolvable problems. I accomplished something, had time to myself and put a little distance between me and the mountain of issues.

This Friday I invite you to do the same! Make the basic Cellphone Case and adorn it however you want. I thought of this little crochet project as my personal first aid activity, that’s where the red cross came from. It works, don’t you think?



4.00 mm hook

worsted weight (cotton) yarn

yarn needle


chain stitch (ch)

slip stitch (slst)

single crochet (sc)

single chain increase (2sc)


ch 11

Round 1: 2sc into second ch from hook, sc in next 8 st, 2sc, now turn your Row into a round by crocheting around into the bottom of your chain stitches, 2sc into the eleventh ch, sc into next 8, 2sc into bottom of second ch (24)

join with a slst, ch 1

Round 2: 2sc, sc into next 10 st, 2sc, 2sc, sc into next 10, 2sc (28)

do not join, do not ch 1! You will now sc around without joining rounds. You can use a stitch marker if you like.

Rnd 3 – 20: sc around

Rnd: 21: sc around, slst to join, do not ch1!

Rnd 22: slst to side you want your loop on (21), ch 35, slst into next st and around to end.

Make a knot into the ch35 and invent (or find) an applique you love. You can also embroider your case or make it striped (do join with a slst and ch1 at the end of your rounds if you wanted to make stripes, though!)

This pattern will make a cute, unassuming and very quick gift and has left me wanting to create more!

cell phone case

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