Crochet Berry Hat free pattern


free crochet hat patternThe whole time while I was making this hat it reminded me of something. I couldn’t quite tell what it was and only when it was finished did I see it. Blackberries! Make this yummy hat with a ribbed brim to keep your ears nice and toasty. It’s also designed to have a little slouch which makes it very comfy. Keep reading for the free crochet berry hat pattern!

Materials needed to make this crochet mini slouch hat

Before I found Knit Picks (have you tried their yarn? Read a review here!) I mostly used Lion Brands Vanna’s Choice yarn for wearables. An alternative yarn would be Read Heart Soft.

You will need 1 skein (a little under 100 grams) of heavier worsted weight yarn in dark purple (Vanna’s choice is ‘purple’, Red Heart Soft is ‘grape’)

A 5.5 mm US size I hook (I love my Tulip Etimo hook set. For a comprehensive hook review please read this post!)

A yarn needle

Optional: A large pompom maker

Pattern Notes

I enjoy the interest that the side saddle stitch creates and the brim will keep your ears nice and warm. Don’t you love the darker purple? It’s actually a great neutral but still girly enough for my daughter (she approves!). If you are a newbie to crochet this berry hat pattern might be a little challenging. Don’t worry! As soon as you get the hang of the Pattern stitch, it actually works up really quickly.

My favorite side saddle project was a lighter throw (actually I made four!) and you can find the free pattern to this Afghan here! Some other great projects with the stitch are textured tops or flared dresses because it drapes so nice.

You will crochet your hat brim to crown. Please read this tutorial for more details on how to crochet a stretchy brim!


10 hdc x 6 Rows is 3″ x 2.5″


Ch… chain

Sc… single crochet

Hdc… half double crochet

Dc… double crochet

PS… Pattern Stitch: sc into next ch 3, ch 3, 3 dc into same ch 3, sk next 3 dc

dec … Decrease: insert hook into next ch3, pull up loop, insert hook into each of the next 3 dc, pull up loops, insert hook into next ch 3, yo and pull through all 6 loops on hook, ch 3, 3dc into same ch 3

Free crochet berry hat pattern


ch 11, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc to end, turn

*ch1, hdc in back loops only to end, turn

repeat from *37 more times (38 Rows of back loop hdc)

join ends with a slst row (see tutorial!)

Do not fasten off!

You will now work a round of sc into the edge of the brim as follows:


Row 1: 2sc each into the top edges of the hdc rows (76 sc)  See picture (Note: I did this step in white for better visibility), join with a slst to 1st sc

Row 2: ch1, 3dc in same st as joining, ch 3, sc in next st, sk next 2 st, *3dc in next st, ch 3, sc in next, sk next 2 st, repeat from * to end (19 groups of 3 dc, ch 3, sc made), join with a slst into 1st dc, do not turn

Row 3: slst into next 2 dc, work PS to end, join with a slst into ch 3 of same row, turn

Row 4: slst into first 3 dc, work PS around,  join with a slst into ch 3 of same row, turn

Row 5 – 8: repeat Row 4

Row 9:  slst into first 3 dc, work PS, dec, (*work PS 4 more times, dec,) twice, work PS 4 times, join with a slst into ch 3 of same row, turn

Row 10: slst into first 3 dc, work PS, dec, (work PS  3 more times, dec,) twice, work PS 3 more times, join with a slst into ch 3 of same row, turn

Row 11:  slst into first 3 dc, work PS, dec, (work PS  2 more times, dec,) twice, work PS 2 more times, join with a slst into ch 3 of same row, turn

Row 12: slst into first 3 dc, work PS, dec, (work PS, dec,) twice, work PS, join with a slst into ch 3 of same row, turn

Row 13: slst into first 3 dc, work PS, (dec)3 times, join with a slst into ch 3 of same row, fasten off, leave a long enough tail for sewing

weave end through the ch 3 spaces and pull close, weave in ends.

Optional: Sew on Pom Pom

free crochet pattern hat


I hope you enjoyed using the side saddle stitch (in older crochet books I have found it as the waffle stitch, weird..). Let me know what you think in the comments and

happy crocheting!

P.S. If you are interested in the crochet and happiness link, do check out the articles under ‘Crochet and Healing‘ in the menu above!

If you enjoyed this pattern, be sure to check out my other patterns here!

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Note: Please feel free to sell things using my design. I just ask you credit and spread the love! Please don’t copy or claim the pattern as your own and use your own pictures. Thanks!

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  1. I like this pattern but i’m not sure i am doing it right lol My hat band was small so I added a few extra rows and then went down to a 5mm as the body seems quite big. When you say repeat row 4, do you mean to turn each time? TIA x

    1. Hi Barbara,
      The body will look really big at first but after a few rows it should even out. Yes, the hat is worked back and forth in rows, you turn every time.
      I know that’s unusual for a hat, good question!

  2. Thank you for the pattern! I think I’m missing something. Is there a hole between each cluster on top of the brim? After row 2 I have 19 clusters but there are large gaps between each one.

      1. Thank you, that fixed it up. I finished mine and it looks great!

        One last note – Row 12 says (work sss, dec). I’m assuming that meant PS, but thought I would mention it.

  3. I made this hat last night and I used double-strands of yarn….a 3 and a 4 weight and it turned out BEAUTIFULLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi, I’m in the process of making this hat and I’m a little confused…if I’m working in the round for round 5-8 doesn’t it leave big gaps

    1. Hi Raven! If you look at the picture below abbreviations you will see how the pattern stitch forms little diamonds. You work sc, ch3, 3dc into the ch 3 from the previous round and then pull in the next ch 3 by skipping the double crochets. You are working at a slant 🙂

  5. je suis Française , j’adore ce bonnet,pour mon petit fils ,j’aimerais avoir l’explication en Français s’il vous plait!!!!,je vous remercie d’avance pour mon petit fils,merci de tout cœur , Medgee!!!!

    1. Chere Allard, je suis desole mais mon français est terrible et je ne connais pas les termes de crochet correct. Il ya beaucoup de facebook groupes de crochet, peut etre quelqu un peut aider? Laisse moi savoir!

  6. I am a little confused on row 1 of the round. I’m putting 2 single crochet into every space with a hdc? And skipping the chain one spaces? Hellppppp lol

    1. You make 2 single crochet stitches per bdc row. The placement is actually not too important as long as you are consistent! Note that people have liked going down a hook size to make the body of the hat not as slouchy. I tried to show the sc placement with white stitches. I hope this helps!

      1. Another question, when you say slst into next 3 DC are we putting the hook through all 3dc and then slip stitching or do we slst into all 3 separately?

  7. I’m looking to make an adult size hat…I wonder, is this a child size pattern? The instruction for the ribbed brim counts 38 rows…kinda small for an adult.

    1. The hat is adult size when made with a heavier worsted/ Aran weight yarn. The ribbed brim is stretchy and you do end up with 76 sc st around. I did make a gauge swatch but you could always increase your brim. Make sure you add even numbers of hdc rows and then account for the extra PS when decreasing!

  8. It may help to add the word “turn” to the end of the row 4 instructions, I just kept looping around for rows 5-8 because it just said repeat 4, but 4 did not say to turn. Love the hat though! Great pattern

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