crochet cable hat pattern

crochet cable hat free pattern

As promised, I have written up my favorite cable crochet hat pattern and want to share it with you here.  My little man is just learning to dress himself (not always in his own clothes!) and he LOVES hats. Especially pom pom hats, so I made this one for him. This crochet cable hat will keep his head nice and warm in colder climates as it is made with 100% wool. I felt the classic look of cables would be complimented by a classic fiber choice and I just love the result!

Keep reading for the free cable crochet hat pattern; toddler size!

crochet cable hat free pattern

Cable crochet hat pattern notes:

I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted weight yarn to make this cable hat. A lot of the Knit Picks yarns are on the thinner side (read my review of this online yarn supplier here!) so check your gauge if you are using a different yarn!  It never hurts to go down a hook size when you are crocheting cables. The cable illusion is harder to accomplish when your stitches are too loose. In case you are new to crocheting cables, I recommend you read this tutorial before you begin!

Gauge: 20 x 3 Rows Dc = 5″ x 1.5″

Hint!: The hat is sized for toddlers 18 to 24 months old (18″ x 7″). Go down a hook size and skip Round 16 to make it for 12 to 18 months old babies (16.5″ x 6″). Use a chunkier yarn (like Vanna’s choice ), go up a hook size and repeat Round 16 twice to make it fit a bigger kid (19″ x 7.5″)!

Materials used:

2 skeins Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted weight in onyx heather.

1 skein Knit Picks wool of the Andes worsted weight in white

5.00mm / US size H hook I LOVE my Tulip Etimo crochet hook set. For a comprehensive hook review read this post!

yarn needle

free crochet cable hat patternoptional: pom pom maker – I made one hat with a pom pom maker and one without a pom pom maker and the pom poms are both nice. I do think that the one with the pom pom maker looks a tad more professional! Use this pom pom tutorial if you find yourself without a pom pom maker! Then use the word pom pom as many times as you can in one sentence for extra points 🙂

Stitches / Abbreviations used:

ch … chain stitch

slst … slip stitch

sc … single crochet

hdc … half double crochet

fpdc … front post double crochet

fdcdec … fake double crochet decrease: work this stitch as you would a dc decrease but work it into the same stitch (not sure what to do? Look at this!)

sp … space (between stitches)

sk … skip (a stitch)

fpdc2tog … front post double crochet two together: work this stitch as you would a double crochet decrease just around the posts of your stitches rather than into the stitches

crochet cable hat free pattern

Crochet Cable hat pattern

with gray ch 70, join with a slst into first ch

Round 1: ch 1, dc in same st as joining, dc around, join with a slst around the post of first dc

Round 2: ch 1, *fpdc in st(here and in every Round work first fpdc into same st as joining!), hdc in next st, fpdc in next 4 st, hdc in next st, repeat from * around, join with slst around post of first fpdc (10 groups of fpdc, hdc, 4 fpdc, hdc made)

Round 3, 4: work same as Round 2

Round 5: *fpdc in st, hdc in next st, skip next 2 st, fpdc in next 2 st, go back to first st skipped and fpdc, fpdc in second st skipped, hdc in second hdc from previous Round, repeat from * around

Round 6: work same as Round 2 (be careful to catch the crossed fpdc stitches in the right order!)

Round 7, 8: work same as Round 2

Round 9: work same as Round 5

Round 10 – 12: work same as Round 2

Round 13: work same as Round 5

Round 14 – 16: work same as Round 2

Round 17: *fpdc in st, skip hdc, fpdc in next 4, skip next hdc, repeat from * (50 fpdc)

Round 18: *fpdc in st, fpdc2tog, fpdc in next st (40 fpdc)

Round 19: *fpdc in st, fpdc2tog, repeat from * (30 fpdc)

Round 20: fpdc2tog around (20 fpdc)

Round 21: fpdc2tog around (10 fpdc)

Round 22: sc in each st (10 sc)

fasten off, leaving a long enough tail for weaving through all 10 st and sewing the hole shut


turn your hat upside down and work the brim into the spaces between double crochet stitches of Round 1 of hat

with white connect to the sp between first and last dc of Round 1 of hat, ch 1, (work first st into same sp as joining)

Round 1: *sc into sp, sk next sp, sc int next 4 sp, sk next sp, sc in next sp, sk next sp, work from * around (50 sc made)

Round 2: ch 1, fdcdec around

Round 3: ch 1, sc around

fasten off, weave in ends

make a pom pom (I used this large one for the blue hat) and sew on

I hope you have fun with this very wintery looking hat and I will leave you with one more picture (for cuteness).

free crochet cable hat pattern

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