Crochet and Happiness: Pride

A version of my fall afghan pattern

Crochet and happiness have an indisputable connection for me. I am continuously on a quest to find out more about this link. If you have read all about crochet and healing, you will know we have been exploring the top ten happiness inducing emotions and why they connect so perfectly with crochet.

Let’s talk about an emotion a lot of us feel a little weird about. Pride. We learn that it’s a bad character trait to be boastful or braggadocios. At the same time I teach my kids to feel confident and be proud of their achievements. This double sided approach to pride can get in the way of deriving pure happiness from an accomplishment and makes this emotion a little difficult to navigate.

What is Pride and how does it connect to crochet? has a lovely definition:

What is pride

Pride – This comes from feeling dignified and important in what we do or have accomplished. It’s not about having an overwhelming sense of self-satisfaction, but having accomplished something that is socially valued and feeling proud about this. It may come along from a sense of purpose and meaning in our accomplishments, and offers an increase in confidence to expand the belief in our potential to do greater things.

Crochet has played a major role for me in learning to be proud of my accomplishments without questioning myself and scrutinizing this emotion. It’s just wonderfully simple. You make something out of a piece of string. When you practice and get better, people around you start to notice. Now you are becoming a person with a skill. The best part is that it’s actually useful. You can make objects you would otherwise have to buy and you always have an extra income source as well. It’s easy to be proud of your crochet skills! And it improves our overall happiness along the way.

Share your crochet accomplishments

I asked a facebook group what crochet accomplishments they are most proud of and the results were just incredible!

The projects people were most proud of could be categorized into three different categories:

Meaningful crochet gifts:

These were personalized, thoughtful crochet projects with the recipient in mind from the get go. Character Graphigans of loved ones favorite movies or shows. Graphighans for the Fire department or for soldiers. Blankets with Names and important dates.

Here are some Patterns I love for meaningful crochet gifts:

15 - 3 (6)
Harry Potter Cal by Crafty Ridge Designs
I love you to the moon and back pattern by the crochet crow


Baby’s ABC Afghan by Caron International Yarn
  1. Harry Potter Crochet A Long with Crafty Ridge There are a few really amazing Harry Potter Graphgans out there and this is a really cute CAL (free pattern!)
  2. I Love You To The Moon and Back Embossing an Afghan with this message of love is a really sweet idea. Who would not keep this as an heirloom? (paid pattern via Craftsy)

  3. Baby’s ABC Afghan by Caron International Yarn This will give you a good basis for creating your own message! (free pattern via Crochet N more)

New crochet skills:

People shared their excitement about learning new crochet skills like reading a pattern or the corner to corner method

If you need to freshen up your crochet pattern reading skills go to the craft yarn council’s page and read this!

Crochet Charts can be an intimidating skill to learn. I promise, with a little bravery and some practice these are actually not hard to follow! Read more on the Craftsy blog here!

Corner to Corner (C2C) is a fun crochet technique and it’s really easy to learn. This method has gained in popularity a lot over the last year and y favorite tutorial is on the One dog Woof blog here!

Everything You Need to Know to Learn C2C Crochet , includes videos, instructions and pictorials. |
C2C tutorial on the 1dog woof blog


Crochet Projects with lots of Patience:

This category overlaps with the first one as many of these were Afghans. The pictures people shared were simply amazing! King size single crochet blankets, intricate patterns and color work and painstaking lace crochet.

Here are two patterns to check out:

Sophie’s Universe: This beautiful and intricate blanket was designed as a (free!) crochet along by Dedri from look at what I made. She provides wonderfully detailed instructions and lots of pictures. The patience needed to complete Sophie is a skill all on it’s own. Hats off to all of you!

Sophie's Universe CAL 2015 Lookatwhatimade
Sophie’s Universe by Dedri from Look at what I made

Tides of Change is a (free!) Ravelry download by Frank O’Randle. The pictures of completed blankets are simply amazing! Follow this link to the Ravelry page! (You must be a member of Ravelry. It’s free and a great site to join!)

Tides of Change from Frank O’Randle picture by Luvizblind

What are some of the projects you are most proud of? Let me know in the comments!

Interested in making the Crochet Afghan pictured at the beginning? The free pattern can be found here!

Read all articles on crochet and happiness here!

Some of the patterns are affiliate links. The small commission I make keeps the blog running (and is free to you!)

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