Crochet and Happiness: My Story

crochet against depression

I want to let you in on a secret. If you have landed on my site, you are probably a crocheter or thinking about learning. Did you know you are not ‘just’ enjoying a hobby but you are actively taking care of yourself?  Numerous studies have shown just how good knitting and crocheting are for your mental and physical health. So, congratulations! If your New Years resolution was to take better care of yourself and improve your health, you are already doing it! Read more about Crochet and Happiness after the tag!

Hope for the New Year

I want to share a little bit of my story with you in the New Year and also focus in on Hope. Hope is one of the top ten positive emotions that help improve our overall happiness and crocheting can induce most of them. I have come across  many stories where crochet has improved people’s lives over the past few years (Read the amazing series of interviews about the benefits of crochet on Kathryn Vercillo’s crochet blog Crochet Concupiscence !) and have shared a bit of my story on this blog in the past.

Crochet as a distraction

crochet against depression

Five years ago I suffered from panic attacks caused by a trauma in my life. It was debilitating to say the least. I think the worst part of this cycle of panic was the fear of the onset of another attack. This constant spiral of negative thoughts is very hard to break out of and this is where crochet came in. I sat on the porch and made a scarf and while I was concentrating on getting the pattern right, I was giving my poor brain a break. It felt good and I wanted to keep going. There is a new approach in pain management research that focuses on distraction. Mom’s (and Dad’s) already know this. When your kid gets hurt, the best thing to do is to distract them and science is just starting to catch up to this strategy. Crochet was my method of distraction and allowed my mind and body to calm down.

Please, Pick up your Hook!

This brain break was just the immediate result, though. What followed surprised me so much, that I am still intrigued and will forever be looking for explanations (and why I started this blog!). I became, simply put, happier. My self confidence improved and I became more resilient. My outlook improved and I slowly started to enjoy my life again. The sum was so much bigger than this simple hobby! This is where I would like to tell you about my hope for the New Year:

I want at least one person who is feeling down to find out about this crochet –  happiness link and to pick up a hook and learn.

I also want to keep sharing my patterns and maybe inspire someone who might not have picked up their hook today to go ahead and crochet as part of their self care routine.

Feel good about your hobby and don’t let anyone tell you it’s silly or your yarn stash is excessive, etc.. Know that you are actually taking good care of yourself and exercising your happiness muscle!

Read more about how crochet can make you happier in this series of posts!

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Could you please provide you tube sites or videos you would recommend to learn to crochet? This sounds like what I need to deal with similar emotional reactions. Both of my grandmothers knit and crocheted, but were not the type to offer to teach. A huge missed opportunity, so I am starting from scratch. I do not want to take a class as that tends to heighten anxiety. I know absolutely nothing about where to start other than the supply list blog you have published. Thank you so much for your help.

    1. I am happy you decided to learn! There are lots of videos that will teach you the first steps and chosing one really depends on your preferences. I am partial to the crochet crowd’s youtube channel. They are well made and consistent. I know that Mikey also used crochet to help him feel well.
      I would check out the complete photo guide to crochet or another book you like while you are learning. This will help teach you to read patterns at the same time.
      If you would rather invest in a really nice course check out Craftsy. I know Tamara from mooglyblog teaches there. Another one of my favorite bloggers, Jess from makeanddocrew, teaches a beginner class on skillshare.
      Good luck, be patient and happy crocheting!

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