Crochet scarf: simple free V stitch pattern

crochet v stitch scarf

After a few personal and global tragedies I have finally found one thing that brightens up this grim November. The temperature has dropped enough for me to wear scarves in this subtropical climate. I know it’s simple, but it is these simple moments of joy throughout our day that have been proven to lead to long term happiness (read more about crochet and happiness here !) I want to share my current favorite free crochet v stitch scarf pattern on the blog today.

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Keep reading for the super easy crochet  v stitch scarf pattern!

Materials needed to make the V stitch crochet scarf:

Knitpicks has a few really gorgeous and very affordable yarn choices (I plan on doing a review on here in the near future) and I used Mighty stitch to make this super easy v stitch crochet scarf pattern in the colors:

Canary, Silver, and White

size H / 5m hook if you are using the Mighty stitch yarn. adjust hook size according to your yarn!

(I love my Tulip Etimo hook, for a comprehensive crochet hook review go here!)

crochet v stitch scarf free pattern

Pattern Notes

I used my new yarn ball winder  and made my own yarn cake (for more information on how to diy one of these yummy cakes go here!) but you could easily use any of the sweet Caron cakes or even Wolltraum cakes to follow this pattern! You will need about 200 grams or 7 oz of worsted weight yarn. I made my cake with 2 balls of Silver,  2 balls of White and 1 ball of Canary weighing around 20 grams each. Make your color sequence as follows: Silver, White, Canary, White, Silver if you are crafting your own yarn cake.

Why I like this free crochet V stitch scarf pattern

The V stitch is very easy to learn and works up surprisingly quick. I love the texture of this scarf and how soft the wool blend of the Mighty stitch yarn feels. The colors are neutral enough to go with anything, but the yellow adds a little interest. It also seems to be one of my preferred color choices at the moment.


Stitches used

ch …. chain stitch

dc … double crochet

fdcdec … fake double crochet decrease:

Work this like a dc decrease but it’s made into a single st. Work as follows:

yarn over (yo), insert hook into indicated st, yo and pull up a loop (lp), yo and pull through 2, yo, insert hook into same st, yo and pull up a lp, yo and pull through 2 lps, yo and pull through all remaining lps on hook.

Vst … V stitch:

work (dc, ch1, dc) into same st

v stitch

Begin by:

ch 46

Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook, sk next st, *make v stitch in next st, sk next 2 st, repeat from * to last V stitch, sk 1 make a fdcdec in last st

Row 2: ch 2, dc in same st, *make a Vst in ch1 space of Vst of previous row, repeat from * to end, work a fdcdec in last st

work same as Row 2 until your scarf reaches the desired length (around 2 yards)

fasten off, leave a long enough tail for sewing the two ends together, use the whip stitch (for easy to follow instructions go here) to sew your two ends together.

crochet v stitch scarf free pattern


I hope this scarf brightens up your mood as well and I am grateful for your support by following the affiliate links. Being an affiliate gives me a small commission and it keeps this blog up and running. I only endorse products I use and like!

Easy crochet scarf free pattern



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  1. Thank you for your pattern. I am excited to to making this scarf. I am wondering though, What do you mean by YARN CAKE? I have never heard this term before.
    Thank you

      1. Thank you so very much.
        I guess I could also make it using the 3 colours, but using seperate balls of yarn and just follow the colour scheme pattern you described?

        1. Absolutely! I personally really like using the Russian join method beforehand. That’s just because weaving ends in is NOT one of my favorite things 😊

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