Crochet Super Scarf Pattern

crochet super scarf

Crochet Super Scarf:  free pattern

I have always loved long, over sized scarves so this ‘wear a blanket around your neck’ trend is making me very happy. Unfortunately I live in Florida so when I set out to make my own crochet super scarf pattern I knew I had to cut down on the bulk a little and make it somewhat lacy. I came up with a simple shell stitch scarf pattern that will let me and others from a warmer climate, participate in this trend but not get heat stroke in December 🙂

crochet super scarf free pattern

Keep reading for the free crochet pattern!

What you need to crochet your lacy super scarf

You will need about 12 to 14 oz of worsted weight yarn (around 350 grams)

I used about 2 skeins of Red Heart with Love in Peacock and one skein Red Heart Super Saver yarn in gold.

A 6.5 mm / K hook

I LOVE my Clover Amour K hook! (for a guide and review on different hooks go here!)

a yarn needle and scissors

letter sized piece of sturdy cardboard (for tassels)


Why I like this super scarf crochet pattern

I think this is a great stitch for beginners since the pattern is a simple one row repeat but the product comes out looking quite intricate. The stitch is lacy and wont be too bulky and heavy around your neck while still looking over sized.

shell stitch super scarf pattern

Stitches used

Shell stitch:

make 6 dc in same st

Fake double crochet decrease (fdcdec):

This is worked like a dc decrease but it’s made into a single st. Work as follows:

yarn over (yo), insert hook into indicated st, yo and pull up a loop (lp), yo and pull through 2, yo, insert hook into same st, yo and pull up a lp, yo and pull through 2 lps, yo and pull through all remaining lps on hook.

shell stitch super scarf pattern

Begin by ch 32

Row 1:

sc in second ch from hook, sc to end

Row 2:

ch 2, dc in same st, *sk next 2 st, make a shell st in next st, sk next 2 st, make a dc in next st, repeat from * to end, before the last dc of your row make a fdcinc instead! This will keep your edges looking neat and even.

continue working as in Row 2 until your scarf reaches the desired length (around 10 feet / 3 meters)

fasten off, weave in ends


Find a piece of sturdy cardboard that you can wrap your yarn around. I used a letter sized poster board.

wrap yarn a round ten times

tassels for super scarf

pull off of your cardboard but make sure you hold the top of your yarn loops together

insert hook into the space between the first dc and the shell

pull your tassel through forming a knot

cut loops at the end

repeat four more times placing the tassels in the space between the dc and the shell.

free crochet pattern for over sized scarf

Let me know what your favorite over sized crochet scarf patterns are in the comments!

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