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Easy knit look crochet slopes hat pattern

As the weather has warmed up here in the South I’m still dreaming about snow. I cranked up the ac, put on the Olympics and found this squishy Bernat Pop in my favorite colors. I’m afraid my mannequin (aka “Betsy”) will get more use out of it than me until...Read More »

crochet ribbed brim tutorial

When I first discovered the ribbing stitch it felt like a revelation. I love to crochet but sometimes my pieces (especially my hats) had serious knit – envy. Once I incorporated the ribbing stitch I feel like we can easily keep up. The weather finally got cooler here and I...Read More »

Teatime Textured Cowl

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your favorite past time was actually good for you? Research suggests that crocheting and other needle crafts are just that – good for your health. Your physical health and your mental health can improve just by working with your hooks. This year my pattern focus...Read More »

Straight crochet edge tutorial

When I first started to crochet regularly I made Afghans. Simple double crochet Afghans. I was excited about the colors, I could tell I was improving my stitch quality over time but one thing always left me puzzled. My edges were messy! They were wobbly or holey and not appealing...Read More »

Seamless Double Crochet Join

Ever wondered how to get rid of that clumsy seam when you make a hat with double crochet stitches? When I first started making hats this was my number one problem. I was proud as can be when I had finished the hat, until the person turned around! Maybe I...Read More »

Crochet Flower Stitch Tutorial

I am always intrigued by the versatility of crochet. The Flower Stitch, also known as the Daisy Stitch, is a really beautiful example for this versatility. It is made using Double Triple Crochet Clusters and one flower works up over two rows. Keep reading for the crochet flower Stitch Tutorial...Read More »

How to crochet Hearts

There are lots of versions and sizes of crocheted hearts out there and I thought I’d share my versions here just in time for Valentine’s day. When I draw hearts they always come out nice and roundish so my crocheted versions had to come out the same way. Keep reading...Read More »

How to crochet a Ribbed Brim

Crochet a ribbed Brim

The ribbing stitch is a crochet stitch that almost looks like knit fabric. This stitch is perfect for the brim of a hat, the ends of gloves or the sleeves and bottom of sweaters. I think it gives a nice, finished look to wearable projects and it’s...Read More »

How to Crochet Cables

Easy Crochet Cables

Cables are a great way to add some texture and winter coziness to your project but some of you might find them a little daunting. Don’t worry! Crocheting cables is actually easy to master if you keep a few of the following guidelines in mind. Keep reading...Read More »

Knit Picks Yarn Review: what you should know before you order Knit Picks yarn

Brava Bulky weight

If you crochet a lot, chances are you have explored the world of online yarn shopping. I love my local yarn store but can’t quite afford a lot of their gorgeous products. This is especially true for bigger projects like throws...Read More »

Seamless yarn join

Hello my friends! I recently received an amazing(!!!) yarn ball winder as a gift and immediately got to work making my own multicolored yarn cakes. I must say, I’m in love. While I researched for the best way to seamlessly join yarn I came across a method...Read More »

What to buy to start crocheting

Crochet Guide for beginners: follow this comprehensive list to know what you need to buy to start crocheting.

I love crochet! This simple craft has helped me make my life so much happier and brighter that I want to get as many people as possible to pick up...Read More »

The Best Crochet Hook Review

Everything you need to know about Crochet Hooks

Having the right tools when you start to get more serious about a craft can  be essential. The good news is that, compared with many other hobbies, crochet will give you good results with a comparatively low initial investment. I restarted as an...Read More »