Crochet to boost your happiness! Step one: Inspiration

There is a link between Crochet and Positive Psychology

This is the first one of a series of Positive Emotions posts. One of the leading researchers in the field of Positive Psychology, Barbara Fredrickson, has called these Emotions the tiny engines that lead to a happier life.

Today I want to write more about Inspiration.
This is one of the positive emotions I did not think to count when I tried to name ten. It is also one that I love to connect to crochet.

Looking at crochet projects is a happiness boost

I spend a lot of time online and at bookstores or the library just looking at what people have made. I had no idea that this alone was already a happiness boost, but it does make sense if you think about it. I love looking at the amazing talent out there and it broadens my horizon to see the different directions people have taken this craft. The beautiful yarn, the intricate stitches, the color combinations. I had always felt a little guilty, like I may be wasting time just looking, but it turns out getting inspired is important. It makes you admire human excellence and aspire to it yourself. It is a drive towards gaining new skills.

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Creative inspiration is, of course, only one aspect of this “happiness creating tiny positive emotion engine”. Another aspect are inspirational people. Their life and how they live it, or what they have accomplished can be inspirational. I want to propose a little exercise. I want to focus on crochet inspiration over the next few posts. Color, Stitch, Project, Person. I will find one or more example for each point and really savor this Emotion.

Crochet Color Inspiration:

While this list was much easier said than done (so many talented people and beautiful projects!) I knew immediately who I had to chose for my color inspiration. Susan Carlson is the lovely Lady behind Felted Buttons. Her patterns always draw me in and her color choices make her work instantly recognizable.

(4) Name: 'Crocheting : Paintbrush Pillow & Afghan (4) Name: 'Crocheting : Star Fruit Blanket & Rug (4) Name: 'Crocheting : Abacus Blanket(4) Name: 'Crocheting : Monet's Garden Throw

You can find her gorgeous patterns here. Also, check out her website for more color inspiration!

What are some of your favorite crochet color inspirations? Please comment below!

Next up will be my favorite Stitch Inspiration and my favorite crochet projects.


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