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crochet wall organizer pattern

Everyone can use a little extra organization and storage, especially over the holidays! Make this Christmas card holder for your door or hang it by your entry to keep cards off of your valuable shelf space. The free crochet wall organizer pattern is very easy to follow and works up pretty quickly. You can finish this fun project in time for your holiday cards or make one as a pretty gift.

crochet wall organizer free pattern


Keep reading for the free crochet Christmas card holder pattern!

Materials needed to make the crochet Holiday card holder:

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn in the colors Wheat (A), Forest Green (B) and Chestnut Heather (C)

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The reason I chose this yarn is that it has the prettiest heather choices. When you look up close you’ll notice the slight color variations and I love the interest this creates. You can use any worsted weight, 4 ply yarn. You will need one skein (85 grams) of the main color and about 15 grams of the two other colors.

A 5.5 mm / US size I hook and a 6 mm / US size J hook (I love my Tulip Etimo hook set! For a comprehensive crochet hook review read this post!)

A stick

A large wooden bead with at least 1/4 inch hole

Pattern notes / Gauge:

When working with the J hook, 10 x 10 sc stitches will measure out to 2.5 square inches or 7 square cm. Your finished granny square, worked with the H hook, should be no less than 6 and 1/4 inches or 16 cm wide to fit standard sized Christmas cards.

Why I love this free crochet Wall Organizer pattern:

The pattern looks vintage, yet modern and is easy to make. I enjoy crocheting granny squares but sometimes they can be a pain to join or repetitive when you have to make lots. This gives you a chance to only make a couple and still display them. You can even go ahead and use granny squares you might already have at the bottom of your wip drawer as long as they are big enough to hold a standard sized card! This happens to be a Christmas themed organizer but I will definitely make more to just organize my mail!

crochet card organizer pattern

Stitches used:

ch …. chain stitch

slst … slip stitch

sc … single crochet

hdc … half double crochet

dc … double crochet

mc … magic circle

fpdc … front post double crochet

begin the round by ch 2, work a dc by inserting your hook from front to back between the posts of the first and second dc of the previous round.

scdec … single crochet decrease

insert hook into first stitch, draw up a loop, insert hook into next st, draw up a loop, pull yarn through all 3 loops

crochet wall organizer free pattern

Granny squares (make 2)

With C make a mc

Round 1: ch1,  12 dc into mc, join with slst to first dc, fasten off

Round 2 (with  B ): start by making a standing double crochet (go to mooglyblog for a great tutorial!) into the space (sp) between the first and second dc of round 1, dc into same sp, 2 dc into each sp to end, sl st into sp between first and second dc of same round (24 st)

Round 3: ch1, fpdc in same st as joining, 2dc into next st, *fpdc in next st, 2dc in next st, repeat from * to end, slst into first fpdc of round, fasten off (36 st)

Round 4 (with A): make a standing dc into sp between 2dc from previous round, 2dc, ch1, 3dc in same sp, *(skip next fpdc, 3dc in next sp) twice, skip next fpdc, 3dc, ch1, 3dc in next sp, repeat form * 2 more times, (skip next fpdc, 3dc in next sp) twice, join with a slst to first standing dc (48) dc)

Round 5: slst back to sp between first and last dc of previous round, ch 3, 2dc in same sp, * 3dc, ch 1, 3dc in ch1 of last round, (3dc in sp between 3dc groups of last round) three times, repeat from * 2 more times, 3dc, ch 1, 3dc in ch1 of last round, slst into first dc of same round (60 dc)

Round 6: slst back to last sp, ch 3, 2dc in same sp, 3dc in next sp, *3dc, ch 1, 3dc in ch1 of last round, (3dc in next sp) four times, repeat from * two more times, 3dc, ch 1, 3dc in ch1 of last round, (3dc in next sp) twice, slst to first dc of same round (72 dc)

Round 7: ch 1, hdc in same st as joining, hdc in each st to corner, *3hdc, ch2 in st before ch1 of previous round, 3hdc in next st, hdc in each st to next corner, repeat from * two more times, 3hdc, ch2 in st before ch1 of previous round, 3hdc in next st, hdc into each st to end, slst to first st, fasten off, leave a long enough tail for sewing onto the back! (88 hdc)


Back of crochet wall organizer:

with your J hook ch 21

Row 1: sc in second ch from hook, sc to end

Row 2 – 58: ch 1, sc in same st, sc in each st to end

Row 59 to 68: ch1, make a scdec at the beginning and end of row, work sc in between (this will decrease your stitch count by 2 st each row)

Row 69: scdec, ch1

Do NOT fasten off! You will now make a sc border around your work as follows:

sc in same st, sc up the side of your work, 3sc into triangle corner, sc in each of your rows, 4sc in top corner, sc into bottom loop of starting ch, 4sc into next corner, sc down the other side of your work, working one sc into each row, 3sc into triangle corner, sc in each row until point, slst into ch1, Do NOT fasten off!


cut around 10 8 inch pieces of the main color, loop them through the point of the triangle and the bead, make a knot and cut to even them out.

Braid all three colors to make a hanger and tie it to the stick


slst around the entire piece holding the granny squares to the back, sew the bottom of the squares to the back using the long tail left after fastening off, when you get to the top work ch 14 and slst to make the loops.


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