Easy Crochet Necklace Tutorial

Spring is finally here (Yay!) and I want to start this beautiful season off with a super easy crochet accessory tutorial. One of the only things I love about winter is wearing my vast collection of crochet scarves and hats. I don’t know about you, but I like to incorporate yarn into my life every chance I get, so cotton jewelry is perfect for the warmer months.

Follow this easy crochet Necklace tutorial for a springtime crochet Project

You will need

  • a size G (4.00 mm) hook
  • worsted weight cotton yarn
  • a yarn needle, a sewing needle and
  • a button (optional)

I did NOT include a stitch count, but rather a measurement, since the chain gets pretty long

Make a chain and measure out 7 loops 14 inches long.


Your chain will now measure around 196 inches (7 loops x 2 x 14 inches)

Slip stitch into your first chain stitch to join and use your needle to sew in the ends. Be very careful not to twist your chain when you join!

Next, make the little square.

Chain 16 +1, turn and single crochet 16, repeat for 5 rows

To give the square a nice finished look you will crochet around it’s edge now. Single crochet in the next 15 stitches and crochet 3 into the last stitch, allowing you to turn the corner. Single crochet down the side so you end up with 5 stitches and crochet 3 sc into the next corner. Now you are on the bottom of your square. Single crochet into the bottom loops of your starting chain 14 times, crochet 3 sc into your corner and crochet up the second side. Crochet 2 single crochet stitches into  your last stitch and slip stitch into the first stitch of row 6 (50 stitches around).


Now choose and sew on your button


 and close the square around your necklace.

Sew it together with a little overlap and sew it onto at least one chain so it wont slide when you wear it.



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