Festive Cup Cozies

free crochet pattern cup cozies

These little cuties were so much fun to make! You can whip these crochet cup cozies up in less than an hour. Simply get a re usable coffee cup and add a gift card for a memorable, handmade present. This coffee cozy might also be the smallest crochet make that you can add pom poms to. That is a definite win all on it’s own. Keep reading for the free crochet cup cozy pattern!

free crochet pattern coffee cozies

Materials needed:

This crochet coffee cup cozy pattern will use scraps of any worsted weight yarn you have hanging around. I used Lion Brand’s Vanna’s choice in Cranberry, brown and White.

A 5.5 mm / US size I hook (I love my Tulip Etimo hook set. For a full hook review please read this post!)

A yarn needle

Pattern Notes

There is no gauge for this pattern but I recommend you slip your cozy onto your cup after the first round and check if it fits. This pattern is pretty easy but there are a few tricks you can use to improve your color changes. Unless otherwise specified join with a slst to first st of Round, ch 1.

Stitches / Abbreviations used:

st … stitch

ch … chain stitch

slst … slip stitch

sc … single crochet

hdc … half double crochet

sk … skip (a stitch)

hdc2tog … half double crochet decrease

Crochet Cup Cozy: free pattern

ch 30, join with a slst to first ch

Round 1: hdc around, join with slst to first hdc

Round 2: ch1, hdc around, join

change color to white

Round 3: hdc around

change color to red

Round 4: 2sc in space before first st, *sk next st, 2 sc in sp between next 2 st, repeat from * around, fasten off

change color to white

Round 5: 2hdc in sp between last and first sc, *sk next st, 2 hdc in sp between next 2 st, repeat from * around

change color to red

Round 6: hdc2tog in first st, hdc in next 14 st, hdc2tog in next st, hdc to end

Round 7: hdc in first 7 st, hdc2tog, hadc in next 13 st, hdc2tog, had to end

fasten off, weave in ends

How to make a mini pom pom

diy mini pom pom

make 2

wrap the white yarn around your index and middle finger until it looks like in the picture

leave a longer strand and cut yarn

wrap firmly three times around loops

thread through needle and form a knot

pull tight and cut all loops

now you have 2 unattached pom poms

give them a trim

attach to cozy as follows:

take white yarn and thread needle

poke through first pom pom and attach with a tight knot

measure out white yarn to fit around your mug and add about 3 inches

cut and thread needle

weave in and out of first Round of cozy so that attached pom pom hangs down

now poke needle through second pom pom and attach with a knot

cut and shape pom poms

knot the pom poms together and done!

free crochet pattern coffee cozies

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