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black and white crochetI set out to make a striped hat but somehow it did not dawn on me that my stripes would turn out vertical until I started 🙂 . How fun is the vertical illusion that the moss stitch brings to this project? You will work this striped crochet hat from brim to crown. The pattern is really very easy and would be fun in any colors. This is one of those stitches that can work for super chunky yarn and sport weight alike. It always creates a cohesive, almost knit look fabric and I definitely will use it again for a hat.

Follow the free crochet pattern for a medium (woman’s) size here or go to my Etsy or Ravelry shop and find the ad free, printable PDF ($2.50). The printable version comes in five sizes, toddler through adult large! My Etsy shop , My Ravelry store

Materials needed for the striped crochet hat

I used Knit Picks Brava Worsted weight yarn. I like Knit Picks yarns a lot but their yarns usually run on the thin side. I think I would classify this more as a Sport / DK weight. Please refer to the gauge in case you are using a different yarn. (hint: one skein, 100 grams, of their acrylic Brava yarn is only $1.99 and feels really nice!)

Colors: White, Black, Wine

a 5.00 mm US size H hook (this link is an affiliate Amazon link to my most favorite comfy hook set)

A pom pom maker

Gauge for the crochet striped hat

With a 5.00 mm US size H hook

16 hdc x 11 rows = 4” x 4”

Stitches used for the crochet striped hat

Ch… ………………chain stitch

Sc………………….single crochet

Hdc……………….half double crochet

Sk …………………skip

Bl………………….back loop

PS………………….pattern stitch

Pattern stitch – Moss stitch/tweed stitch: *sc in next ch sp, ch 1, sk next sc, repeat from *

PSdec…..,,,,,,,,,,pattern stitch decrease

Pattern Stitch decrease: sc2tog over the next 2 ch spaces, ch1

Finished Striped Crochet Hat size

21” x 10”


Follow this link for a full Ribbed Brim Tutorial!

With White Ch 11


Row 1: hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc to end, turn

Row 2 – 52: ch 1(does not count as first hdc), hdc in back loop only

Slst bl of last row together with starting ch to close the brim

Do not fasten off

Hat Body

Round 1: 2sc in each top of hdc row around, join with a slst to first sc (104 sc)

Round 2: *In bl only sc, ch 1, sk next st, sc in next st, ch 1, repeat from * around (52 sc, 52 ch)

Change color to black and close Round like shown in the picture


black and white crochet

Round 3: work PS to end,

change color to white

Round 4: work PS to end

Change color to black

Repeat Rounds 3 & 4  9 more times

Round 23: *work 11 PS, work PSdec*, repeat from * to end (48 sc, 48 ch)

Note!: You will decrease this way over the next 8 rounds. Always stagger your decreases, make sure they are not on top of each other. Don’t forget to change your color at the end of each Round!

Round 24: *work PSdec, work 10 PS, repeat from* to end (44 sc, 44 ch)

Round 25: *work PSdec, work 9 PS, repeat from * to end (40 sc, 40 ch)

Round 26: *work 8 PS, work a PSdec, repeat from * to end (36 sc, 36 ch)

Round 27: work 4 PS, *work a PSdec, work 7 PS, repeat from *3 more times, work PS to end (32 sc, 32 ch)

Round 28: *work a PSdec, work 6 PS, repeat from * to end (28 sc, 28 ch)

Round 29: work 4 PS, *work a PSdec, work 5 PS, repeat from * to end  (24 sc, 24 ch)

Round 30: *work 3 PS, work a PSdec, repeat from * to end (20 sc, 20 ch)

Round 31: *work PSdec, work 2 PS, repeat from * to end (16 sc, 16 ch)

Round 32: *work PS, work a PSdec, repeat from * to end (12 sc, 12 ch)

Round 33: sc in each sc, sk each ch to end (12 sc)

Round 34: sc2tog around (6 sc)

Fasten off

Weave in ends

You can find the ad free, printable PDF in my Etsy or Ravelry Shop. PDF includes five sizes (Toddler, Child, Tenn, Adult Medium, Adult Large) for $2.50.

black and white crochet

This post contains affiliate links. I get a small commission at no charge to you. This helps keep the blog up and the yarn coming. Thank you and happy crocheting!

black and white crochet


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