Free Crochet Slouchy Hat Pattern

free crochet slouchy hat patternTextured Slouch crochet hat

Even if you live in warmer parts of the world, December still makes you want to crochet warm, cozy projects. I wanted to design a hat that looked chunky and fun. Creating texture with crochet has really intrigued me lately. How wonderful that this craft allows us so much versatility? I think this free crochet slouchy hat pattern looks so comfy and I really enjoy the knit look. I made one for me but my ten year old daughter immediately wanted one too. The pattern for my slouchy crochet hat comes in two sizes now: S/M:  big kid – teen and M/L adult woman.

Keep reading for the free Crochet Slouchy Hat pattern!

Materials needed to make the slouchy crochet hat

For Adult size M/L: 2 skeins (about 100 grams – the Heather colors of Vanna’s choice come in 85g, the full color skeins are 100g!) of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn, (a thicker 8 ply worsted/Aran) in Silver Heather (get it on Amazon or from Craftsy!)

For Big Kid / Teen size S/M: 1 skein of Vanna’s choice Yarn in Silver Heather

6.00 mm / US size J hook (I love these hooks! For a comprehensive crochet hook guide follow this link!)

6.5 mm /US size K hook

yarn needle

measuring tape

Why I like this free crochet slouchy hat pattern

I love the knit look and I especially love how easy this pattern achieves it. The hat is fun and comfy looking. It’s suited for kids, teens and adults alike. Crochet this as a beginner and learn how to crochet into back loops!


Pattern notes

You will work in rows going back and forth and make a rectangle that is then connected with a slip stitch. This back and forth makes sizing really simple. You can always add more rows at the end to fit a larger head circumference. I do recommend making a gauge swatch first because the length of your starting chain will determine how slouchy your hat will be! Please note that when you start your foundation chain you should leave a long tail. This will cinch the top together at the end.


10 hdc x 6 Rows is 3″ x 2.5″

Stitches / Abbreviations used

ch … chain stitch

slst … slip stitch

sc … single crochet

hdc … half double crochet

bl … back loops

fl … front loops

Adult M/L   //  Teen S/M

ch 35  ch    // ch 31

Row 1: hdc into 2nd ch from hook, hdc until 5 st left, sc into last 5 st, turn

Row 2: ch 1, hdc to end, turn

Row 3: ch1, hdc until 5 st left, sc into last 5 st, turn

Change to 6.5mm / US size K hook

Row 4: ch1, work into bl only!, slst to end

change back to 6mm / US size J hook

*Row 5: slst into un-worked fl of row 3, ch 1, hdc into fl of Row 3 until last 5 st, sc into last 5 fl of Row 3 to end, turn

Row 6: work same as Row 2

Row 7: work same as Row 3

Row 8: work same as row 4

*(group made)

Repeat from * until you have 15  //  14  groups (of 3 Rows + sl st Rows) do not work last row of slst!

with your J hook:

hold two ends together and slst into the bottom loop of your starting ch and the bl of the last row down to bottom of hat. Do not fasten off!

Round 1: slst around the brim as follows: 4 slst into 3 Rows, slst into middle of first slst row (see pic!)

change back to K hook

Round 2: ch 1, sc into the middle of each slst around to form a nice, clean edge of brim, sl st to first st


Round 3: ch 2, dc around, slst to first dc to join

Round 4: ch 2, sc around, slst to join, fasten off


Weave the long tail left at the beginning of your foundation ch in and out through the top of our hats Rows. Pull tight to cinch the top opening. Turn hat inside out and pull needle to inside. Hold little hole left after cinching and sew shut. Weave in all ends.

Do you do knit look crochet projects? Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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