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Don’t reinvent the wheel!

When I first started out crocheting three dimensional objects, I was pretty stubborn and thought I could just figure out how to shape them on my own. The end result was not only sad looking, but it also cost me weeks of my life doing and redoing the darn thing. It was supposed to be a crochetdermy Dr. Seuss type animal head, but it was so ugly and misshaped that it never made it onto any wall…

Later on, I conceded and started looking around the Internet, only to find out that there are a lot of crazy talented and generous crocheters out there, and that it really does not hurt to take advice and maybe follow a pattern that someone with a lot more experience has written before me.

Here are some of the most useful links for amigurumi beginners



Planet June

The first site is by June Gilbanks. She is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amigurumi and she shares some stuffie making tips here: Making basic amigurumi shapes

June also has a great website!



How to make your Amigurumis Cute

I found this article on amigurumi eye placement, explaining the nature of cuteness. Howie Woos work is so creative, you might get inspired!

Fresh Stitches

Do not skip this link! You’ll find a whole list of useful information I wish I had read before I tried to make Amigurumis!

Have fun designing your own little amigurumis!

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