How to crochet Hearts

crochet heart pattern three sizes

There are lots of versions and sizes of crocheted hearts out there and I thought I’d share my versions here just in time for Valentine’s day. When I draw hearts they always come out nice and roundish so my crocheted versions had to come out the same way. Keep reading for free crochet heart pattern in three sizes!

Whip a bunch of these crochet hearts up and attach them to gift card envelopes, headbands, hair clips, etc… The possibilities are pretty endless I have even used some as table scapes and later sewed them onto headbands. Let me know what you use them for!

Pattern Notes:

I love using cotton yarn like Lily Sugar ‘n Cream to make these little cuties because it will keep it’s shape. When my daughter was little I made lots of different headbands for her with appliques and the ones out of cotton are the only ones to survive until today.

Unless otherwise specified always slst to join a round and ch 1. I’ve used standard crochet abbreviations for the crochet hearts pattern and invite you to look at this post or any of my other patterns for a list!

Big Crochet Heart Pattern

big Crochet Heart Pattern

make a magic circle

Rnd 1: 6 sc into the mc

Rnd 2: 2sc around

Rnd 3: ch 2, 2dc in the next st, 4trc, dc, hdc in next 2 st,(dc, trc, dc) in next st, hdc in next 2 st, dc, 4trc, 2 dc, ch2, sc in next st, slst to join

Little Crochet Heart Pattern

small crochet heart pattern

make a magic circle

Rnd 1: 5 sc in mc

Rnd 2: ch2, 3dc in same st 2hdc, (hdc, dc, hdc) in next st, 2hdc, (3dc, ch2, slst) in last st

Tiny Crochet Heart Pattern

tiny crochet heart pattern

make a mc

Rnd 1: ch2 2dc, 2hdc, trc, 2hdc, 2dc, ch2, slst into ring

Have fun making hearts and spread some crocheted love this Valentines day.

Happy Crocheting!

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Note: Please feel free to sell things using my design. I just ask you credit! Please don’t copy or claim the pattern as your own and please use your own pictures. Thanks!



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