I love teaching middle schoolers crochet. They are still cute but already pretty capable AND they keep me busy with pattern requests. Then I get to invent new things and share them here too, so everybody wins 🙂

My new project was probably my favorite (but I think that every week). The girls wanted a penguin and I can share a little bit about how I start to make up a new pattern for an amigurumi animal or an applique.

How I design an animal crochet pattern

I like to look up pictures of the actual animal and pay extra attention to a special trait the animal might have. I made an orangutan applique once and spent hours looking at the different orangutan foreheads, or frog eyes, etc.. After seeing lots of penguin pictures I knew I had to make a baby because the girls will want a cute pattern that’s easy to make.

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My second step is usually to look up pictures of the different crochet animals people have made, just to see what kind of problems I could run into. After looking at crochet penguins I knew I didn’t want to sew on the white around the eyes so I had to figure out how to embed it, rather than have it protrude.

After all the research, the real fun begins and I get to start and start over and over, until it’s just right (or terrible and I put it in the drawer…). I usually make it and then curse myself afterwards for not taking notes. Then I get to make a second one to write and double check the pattern. With the penguins this step was important, since you can’t just have one penguin. He would get so lonely!

Now I want to share this free Penguin Amigurumi Pattern with you

You can find the free, printable pattern here

Penguin Love
Penguin Love



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