Seamless yarn join

How to do easily do a seamless yarn join. How to do a Russian Join.

Hello my friends! I recently received an amazing(!!!) yarn ball winder as a gift and immediately got to work making my own multicolored yarn cakes. I must say, I’m in love. While I researched for the best way to seamlessly join yarn I came across a method called the Russian Join. This seamless yarn join has worked out so well for me, I just had to share a little “how to” here.

Seamless yarn join

You will need a yarn needle, preferably one with a pointy end, and scissors.

Step 1:

Thread your yarn.

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Step 2:

Weave your yarn into itself, leaving a loop at the end.








Step 3:

Pull yarn through.








Step 4:

Thread your second yarn and pull it through the loop left on the first yarn.








Step 5:

Weave your second yarn into itself.








Step 6:

Pull yarn through and pull ends of both yarns tight to close loops. Cut off the ends.








That’s all there is to it. I’ve since made a few projects with yarn cakes that I have used the Russian Join on and they all came out great!

Do you have a go to seamless yarn join method? Let me know in the comments!

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