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Crochet and loss

crochet and grievingI felt compelled to write this post after I received a comment from a reader that really resonated with me. I realized that this was a story I had heard many times, people who have used crochet as a lifeline after suffering a loss. A woman, who bought some of my yarn at a garage sale, started talking to me about the role crochet played in her life and her story actually encouraged me to start crochettherapy.com. Keep reading after the tag!

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Crochet and Happiness: My Story

crochet against depression

I want to let you in on a secret. If you have landed on my site, you are probably a crocheter or thinking about learning. Did you know you are not ‘just’ enjoying a hobby but you are actively taking care of yourself?  Numerous studies have shown just how good knitting and crocheting are for your mental and physical health. So, congratulations! If your New Years resolution was to take better care of yourself and improve your health, you are already doing it! Read more about Crochet and Happiness after the tag!

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Crochet scarf: simple free V stitch pattern

crochet v stitch scarf

After a few personal and global tragedies I have finally found one thing that brightens up this grim November. The temperature has dropped enough for me to wear scarves in this subtropical climate. I know it’s simple, but it is these simple moments of joy throughout our day that have been proven to lead to long term happiness (read more about crochet and happiness here !) I want to share my current favorite free crochet v stitch scarf pattern on the blog today.

Are you interested in receiving a free pdf copy of this pattern + a straight edge tutorial? Simply sign up on the sidebar or below this post.

Keep reading for the super easy crochet  v stitch scarf pattern!

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Crocheting for Charity

Do you know the feeling you get when you are truly grateful? The way gratitude can open your heart and make you connect with someone? Or the way unconditional giving can make you just as happy as the person you are giving to? In the spirit of the season I want to explore another distinct positive emotion and how crocheting for charity can be a tool to achieve and practice it.

Crocheting for Charity

Keep reading to learn more about crochet related charities and how you can help!

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Why you need to crochet silly things

Crochet and amusement

Silliness as one of the ten most common positive emotions we can use to boost our happiness and why crochet is great in times like these. Keep reading for a list of a few of my favorite silly crochet patterns.

In light of recent events I feel I need to write about this happiness inducing emotion. Life around us has been pretty bleak and I find it difficult to stay on track with trying to improve my happiness level. This is where silliness comes in. Taking a break from reality and redirecting your attention to something irrelevant and amusing might be more beneficial than you’d think! Read more after the tag Continue Reading

Positive Psychology and Crochet: Interest

How crochet can help boost your happiness.

This post will touch on another not easily recognized positive Emotion. Interest. In crochet I have found that once you start to know the basics a whole little Universe will open itself up to you as there is a sheer endless list of new techniques. This old craft comes with it’s own language and is incredibly versatile.

Interest makes you sit and frog a project over and over again, because the pattern is so complicated but you still really want to learn how it works. It makes you hunt down a technique because you saw a headband somewhere and you just have to figure out how to make it (it’s Tunisian crochet, btw). This is where the self described obsession people in this field talk about so often comes in.

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To crochet or not to crochet…. a little experiment

Does not crocheting for a while affect your mood?

It has been a little bit crazy around here lately as we are moving so crocheting is on hold for another month or so and I am actually noticing a difference in my mood! I am unwillingly conducting an experiment and the results are much more significant than I had expected.Have you ever noticed a change in your mood when it’s been a while since you have picked up your hook?

Crochet and mindfulness

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Five Reasons why Crochet is good for your Brain





Scientists at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota have conducted a study on knitters and crocheters and have found that these hobbies lower their risk of developing dementia by 40 percent. That’s quite significant!


If you have a hobby where you repeat certain tasks over a longer period of time you are likely to reach a point of complete relaxation, comparable to the effects of yoga or meditation.This, my friends, is not only good for your brain, but also great for your heartheart1


Repetition is also key in this benefit. Relevant, repetitive tasks that you practice often, like crocheting, are important for forming synapses, thus improving your ability to learn new things.


Crocheting demands attention from both of your brains hemispheres. Much like the job description of a managerial position, you need creative ideas and quick problem solving skills when you are working on a project. Have you ever seen the look on non crocheters faces when they try to figure out a pattern? It takes imagination and logic to follow these complicated instructions! hookyarn1


The feeling of accomplishment when you hold a finished project in your hands is like eating candy without the calories. The reward center of your brain gets stimulated when you have completed a creative project. This will shower you with endorphins and have a positive effect on your self confidence and your mood. Studies have been done with eating disorder patients who crochet or knit and not only did it reduce their anxiety, more than half talked about an improved feeling of self worth!


I can tell you from first hand experience about crochet reducing anxiety and the benefits of feeling like you have accomplished something!

Our grandparents knew it. Making something with your own two hands is a key factor for happiness. It’s time we remember and value this!!