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Yarn Crawl anyone?

Why you should invest in quality yarn

Where do you buy your yarn? I have to confess that I started out as a cheapskate and only bought the acrylic stuff. Now that I am becoming more and more aware of the big variety of beautiful yarn out there that you can only buy in independent yarn stores, I am (as they say) hooked. I still prefer cotton yarn for my amigurumis, but if you make wearable crochet pieces, it really pays off to use a higher quality yarn! The finished product will be that much more beautiful. Think of it like a gourmet meal. The best recipes start out with high quality ingredients. After all, you are putting all this time and effort into your work, you will want the end result to be as beautiful as possible!

Here are some pictures of the great rhody yarn crawl for your yarnstore inspiration!

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