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Positive Psychology and Crochet: Interest

How crochet can help boost your happiness.

This post will touch on another not easily recognized positive Emotion. Interest. In crochet I have found that once you start to know the basics a whole little Universe will open itself up to you as there is a sheer endless list of new techniques. This old craft comes with it’s own language and is incredibly versatile.

Interest makes you sit and frog a project over and over again, because the pattern is so complicated but you still really want to learn how it works. It makes you hunt down a technique because you saw a headband somewhere and you just have to figure out how to make it (it’s Tunisian crochet, btw). This is where the self described obsession people in this field talk about so often comes in.

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Mandalas for Marinke

Mandalas for the #Mandalasformarinke Project

Depression has reared it’s ugly head and claimed a beautiful member of the online crochet community. Marinke (Wink), the woman behind A Creative Being. I have come across her colorful Blog many times and it has given me so much inspiration, always leaving me with an urge to create. Sadly we have recently lost a family member on my husbands side to suicide and watching him and his father grieve makes me feel deeply for Winks family. This last resort leaves the survivors with a heart filled with “what if’s” and this nagging question might be the hardest to overcome.

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