To crochet or not to crochet…. a little experiment

Does not crocheting for a while affect your mood?

It has been a little bit crazy around here lately as we are moving so crocheting is on hold for another month or so and I am actually noticing a difference in my mood! I am unwillingly conducting an experiment and the results are much more significant than I had expected.Have you ever noticed a change in your mood when it’s been a while since you have picked up your hook?

Crochet and mindfulness

Since starting this site I have made it a point to be mindful of my happiness level. I take stock every morning before I get up and try to take a few minutes during the day to look inward. From my experience and from everything I have read, I know that joy and contentment are habits. They are not lucky coincidences purely influenced by outside occurrences. Training your brain to be happy is like training your body to run a marathon. It gets easier every day, but you have to keep at it and make it a focus until it becomes a habit.


Since I have not been crocheting regularly and have had to deal with all other aspects of moving across the country my happiness muscle has definitely weakened! My stress level has gone up and my contentment has dropped. I could attribute this change in my mood purely to moving, but I have done that before whilst crocheting and have stayed much happier.

I do have to share one thing that makes me VERY happy, though. My friend was inspired by this blog to learn how to crochet and she sends me pictures of her progress all the time. In her last email she wrote how crocheting has helped her relax and that she feels the meditative effects have made her come clean with herself. She is also smoking less. Wow! This makes me think we are on to something here, don’t you agree?



Let me know if you have ever had a similar experience!




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