Top Three Gifts your Crocheter actually wants

What to buy for a crocheter

So you have a crocheter in your life. First of all, congratulations! Crocheters are naturally the loveliest of people. You are also very lucky when it comes time to find the perfect gift. If you crochet, you never run out of things you want. Use this handy gift buying guide and win Mothers day, birthdays or any other gift giving time!

Here are the top three gifts to get for a crochet enthusiast:


Take a sneaky peak at her (or his!) project bag and check out what kind of hooks she uses. Don’t know what you are looking at? Check out this comprehensive crochet hook roundup and then upgrade! Is your crocheter using metal hooks without an ergonomic grip? Forget number two and three on this list. Buy comfortable hooks now! My favorite are Tulip Etimo Hooks from Japan. This set is perfect for a very special occasion and they already come in a sparkling silver case, better than jewelry! Another very popular choice is this clover amour set and this clover takumi set .

Do you think the crocheter in your life is already set with comfortable hooks? Maybe there is a size he or she is missing? You can also look into the fancy, decorative hook category and gift an heirloom quality crochet hook. Check out Furls hooks  or simply go to and find handmade wooden beauties.

Handmade Wood Furls Crochet Hook: Alpha Series














Hint: If you don’t know what size to get, H, I, or J (5.00mm, 5.5mm, 6mm) hooks are probably the most common sizes for sweater, hat or Afghan making!

2. Books

With all the amazing crochet books out there, you will be sure to find the perfect one (and have fun looking!). Here are just a few crochet books that make the perfect gift:

Boho Crochet

This book has a beautiful selection of projects and is filled with colorful inspiration that would make any crocheter happy.

Star wars Crochet kit

Getting your crocheter one of the many awesome crochet kits out there, might be a brilliant way to give and get something in return. Hint: No one can make just one Stormtrooper.

Crochet home

This book is just gorgeous and combines more traditional crochet techniques with modern and bright project ideas for your crocheter’s home.

If you are not sure what kind of crochet projects your crocheter prefers to make get this:

500 Crochet Stitches

There is a reason this book is called the crochet stitches bible. I use it before almost every project and can’t say enough good things about it. In fact, forget all the other books. If the crocheter in your life does not own this book, buy it! Your crocheter is guaranteed to love it and use it all the time.

3. Yarn

thistledown yarn







“But my crocheter already has all the yarn she (or he) needs”. Listen carefully, because this is important! “I have all the yarn I need”, said NO crocheter EVER!

If you have a special person in your life who loves to crochet, yarn will make him/her happy.  99.9% of the time a slight (HA!) obsession with yarn and crocheting go hand in hand.

Look at what projects the crocheter in your life prefers to make and shop accordingly. Does she like amigurumi (the little stuffed animals or dolls)? I prefer to use cotton yarn like the spinrite Sugar ‘n cream . Hint: When buying for amigurumi, get multiple colors but always stick to the same yarn!

Is there an abundance of Afghan’s around your crocheters house? Look in the worsted weight category with yarns like Vanna’s choice  that offer a beautiful array of colors.

Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Yarn - None

Hint: When you are gifting yarn for a larger project always be sure to get enough skeins of a certain color! For example, a smaller Afghan requires roughly 2000 yards of worsted weight yarn, or around 12 skeins at 100 grams each. 

If your crocheter loves to make hats, scarves or shawls, it gives you the perfect opportunity to show off and go fancy! has a very reasonably priced selection of wool or even alpaca yarns and their colors are gorgeous!

Hint: Get at least two skeins  (or better three!) of the same yarn and or the same color, so your crocheter wont run out in the middle of a project!

Does the crocheting person in your life love making doilies or other lacy things? Look for crochet thread and mix and match a few pretty colors or get a set lot like this thread set.

Mixed Color Crochet Thread Lot Cotton Sewing Threads Embroidery Floss Knitting Crochet Patterns Cotton 29x11cm 1set 12pcs

Have fun shopping and rest assured that you have made the crocheter in your life very happy if you stick to this list!

Did I forget anything? Is there anything you would love to get? Please leave me a comment!

*this post contains affiliate links. I do own and love everything I recommend, though!

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