Unexpected Celebrity Crocheters

famous people who crochetFamous People who crochet

I found a delightful article about a famous singer who crochets over the weekend. In the article she explained that crochet made her calm down after a long day and helped her sleep better. This made me curious. Are there other unexpected celebrity crocheters? After some research I found there are quite a few famous people who crochet.

Keep reading for a list of unexpected Celebrity Crocheters!

1. George Washington Carver crocheted!

George Washington Carver Crochet
George Washington Carver in a laboratory at Tuskegee University, Alabama, in 1938. National Archives and Records Administration/U.S. Department of Agriculture

This amazing man was born into slavery but managed to obtain a masters of science degree in Iowa. He went on to develop over 300 derivative products from peanuts, including peanut butter. Carver’s research was responsible for overcoming the boll weevils devastation by directing southern¬† farmers away from cotton and towards peanut cultivation.

Oh, and he also loved crocheting doilies in his spare time.

2.Merryl Streep crochets!

Meryl Streep crochet
Merryl Streep obtaining an honorary degree from Harvard By chensiyuan – chensiyuan, GFDL,

Ever since watching ‘Death Becomes Her’ for the first time, I have been a fan of this incredibly talented actress. Merryl Streep has not only won three academy awards, she also knows her way around a crochet afghan pattern!

3. Kurt Cobain crocheted!

Image result for kurt cobain


Kurt Cobain is definitely an unexpected celebrity crocheter. The operators of this blog may or may not have been crazy obsessed with Nirvana before they were crazy obsessed with crochet. We were a little excited when we found out the late, great grunge icon used to crochet.

4.Madonna crochets!


Madonna revealed she crocheted in an interview in 2010 and has not been shy about sharing her love for this hobby since.

5. Katy Perry crochets!

Katy Perry Crochet

Katy Perry is the newest member of the unexpected celebrity crocheter’s group. In a recent interview with Alan Carr of The Chatty Man, the pop star revealed her love for crochet. She even talked about how happy yarn shopping makes her. Read more about Katy Perry and crochet here!

Have you been surprised to find out a famous person likes to crochet? Let us know in the comments!



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