When life gives you lemons…

Crochet to stitch away stress!

All around the country crocheters and knitters have been busy stitching lemons with the simple message to #stitchawaystress.

Did you know April is stress awareness month? This is Probably because in the US the dreaded tax filing deadline falls right on the 15th and that may just be the most stressful things on our yearly calendar (especially if you are one of the many people who actually wait to do it until the deadline!). The Craft Yarn Council has taken this as an opportunity for its “if life gives you lemons…” campaign to share the knowledge of crochet and knitting’s stress reducing qualities.

Crochet and knitting are proven stress reducers.

Numerous studies have shown how beneficial needle crafts are not just in boosting your mood, but also in strengthening your immune system, lowering your heart rate and helping with numerous issues like anxiety and stress. In honor of this stress filled month, the Craft yarn council has partnered up with  the super talented Twinkie Chan. She has designed this adorable  knit and crochet lemon pattern that you can view for free here.


 Volunteers who made the amigurumi food, have attached a message from the craft yarn council with the good news of crocheting and knitting’s stress reducing qualities. Amongst other places, everyone who waits in line at the James A. Farley Post office in Manhattan on 18th to file their taxes, will be given one of these yellow stress balls with a message to stitch away stress.

If you are new to the craft then the health benefits alone should be a great motivator for you to keep learning and practicing. If you are already a seasoned crocheter well, then chances are, you already have your own story about how crochet has benefited you!

Read more about this wonderful cause on the craft yarn councils page and watch these two amazing videos they have put together!

If you prefer to knit get the free lemon pattern here!

Maybe we should make and distribute these with the message to #stitchawaystress all year around!



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