10 amazing facts I didn’t know about crochet

10 amazingfacts about crochet… until I started crocheting

Below is a list of very surprising things I have found out about crocheting over the years. If you are a crochet beginner you should read this! If you are a seasoned crocheter, please comment if there is anything else you have found out about crochet that surprised you!

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Why you need to crochet silly things

silly crochet1

Crochet and amusement

Silliness as one of the ten most common positive emotions we can use to boost our happiness and why crochet is great in times like these.

In light of recent events I feel I need to write about this happiness inducing emotion. Life around us has been pretty bleak and I find it difficult to stay on track with trying to improve my happiness level. This is where silliness comes in. Taking a break from reality and redirecting your attention to something irrelevant and amusing might be more beneficial than you’d think! Read more after the tag Continue Reading

Top Three Gifts your Crocheter actually wants


What to buy for a crocheter

So you have a crocheter in your life. First of all, congratulations! Crocheters are naturally the loveliest of people. You are also very lucky when it comes time to find the perfect gift. If you crochet, you never run out of things you want. Use this handy gift buying guide and win Mothers day, birthdays or any other gift giving time!

Here are the top three gifts to get for a crochet enthusiast:

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Crochet and Serenity


Crochet causes happiness

Next on the list of the top ten positive emotions you can link to crochet is Serenity. The feeling of peace and calm that comes from repeating a pattern, feeling the yarn between your fingers and watching your project grow ever so slowly is one of the secrets to why this craft induces long term happiness and health. Some crochet patterns achieve the perfect balance of repetition and complexity. They can keep you interested and won’t take too long, but can get you into a state of crochet bliss. Sprinkled in this article are a few of my favorite Serenity inducing patterns, like:

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Positive Psychology and Crochet: Interest


How crochet can help boost your happiness.

This post will touch on another not easily recognized positive Emotion. Interest. In crochet I have found that once you start to know the basics a whole little Universe will open itself up to you as there is a sheer endless list of new techniques. This old craft comes with it’s own language and is incredibly versatile.

Interest makes you sit and frog a project over and over again, because the pattern is so complicated but you still really want to learn how it works. It makes you hunt down a technique because you saw a headband somewhere and you just have to figure out how to make it (it’s Tunisian crochet, btw). This is where the self described obsession people in this field talk about so often comes in.

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When life gives you lemons…


Crochet to stitch away stress!

All around the country crocheters and knitters have been busy stitching lemons with the simple message to #stitchawaystress.

Did you know April is stress awareness month? This is Probably because in the US the dreaded tax filing deadline falls right on the 15th and that may just be the most stressful things on our yearly calendar (especially if you are one of the many people who actually wait to do it until the deadline!). The Craft Yarn Council has taken this as an opportunity for its “if life gives you lemons…” campaign to share the knowledge of crochet and knitting’s stress reducing qualities.

Crochet and knitting are proven stress reducers.

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Crochet Inspiration Part 2

granny squares


Crochet Stitch Inspiration

There are literally thousands of different crochet stitches or stitches used in different ways to create unique textures or fabrics. The versatility of this craft will never cease to amaze me. And just as you think you have seen it all, along comes overlay crochet, like the stunning mandalas from Caro Created, the Mexican mandala from Melody Macduffee, or Tatiana’s Mandala on her site. (hint: there is a great tutorial to start your own overlay crochet adventure on her website!)

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Crochet to boost your happiness! Step one: Inspiration


There is a link between Crochet and Positive Psychology

This is the first one of a series of Positive Emotions posts. One of the leading researchers in the field of Positive Psychology, Barbara Fredrickson, has called these Emotions the tiny engines that lead to a happier life.

Today I want to write more about Inspiration.
This is one of the positive emotions I did not think to count when I tried to name ten. It is also one that I love to connect to crochet. Continue Reading

Crochet and Positive Psychology



This is the second post about the positive psychology – crochet link and I’m so excited to share some of the things I’ve learned about this subject over the past few years!

Use Crochet to get on the “Upward Spiral”

Positive Psychology proposes the concept of an “upward spiral”. A positive emotion will bring with it a more positive appraisal of your circumstances, a more positive response from you to an occurrence and from others towards you, thus affecting not only your current situation but also shaping your future. In the long run, happiness is simply the consequence of adding more and more of these little positive emotions into our everyday life.

I almost feel like there should be an exclamation point at the end. The simplicity is very exciting to me. With this concept in mind it starts to make sense exactly why crocheting has a self described therapeutic effect for so many people.

Why The Happiness Odds are against us

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Crochet and healing


Why Crochet Therapy?

I love this project “crochettherapy” and I am constantly trying to redefine what makes this idea of crocheting to heal so compelling to me. Lately I have been asking and re-asking myself the question  why I have started all of this in the first place and it is becoming more and more clear that I want to make crochet / creativity for a happiness boost my life’s work.

Focus on Happiness

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